Friday, September 22, 2006

Brr brr brr brr brr....... Tonight was my school's night at the Rockies game. We've done it for 7 years, it's usually a lot of fun, but it's also usually not raining all night during the game. By 4:00 I was almost ready to cancel plans to go, but then the sun sort of came out and it wasn't as cold as it had been earlier, so... Well that was a dumb idea. The principal man did come and sit with us eventually-- his season tickets are in what is called the rock pile. After seeing him only in a suit and tie for as many weeks as school has been in, it was interesting to see him dressed down--jeans, tshirt, baseball cap on and wearing flip flops. Yes. Flip flops in the cold and rain. Silly boy.

It was really nice to sit and chat with him about things other than school. CP and I finally left during the 8th inning because I was freezing and wet and she wanted Italian food somewhere. He left with us--even though there would be fireworks later, it just wasn't worth it for any of us. One thing I was surprised to find out--he's only ten years younger than I am. I thought he was much younger.

CP and I took some silly pics when it was raining-- sad faces and such. That girl can't make a decent fake sad face for anything! It took us forever! I was going to post one because they are really pretty funny but my gosh when I looked at them on the computer I thought my chin and my neck look horrible--so no pics for you!

Tomorrow--sleep in, make chili, make icing (it never ends, people, it.just.never.ends!) and watch movies.

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