Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Here's another pic from the weekend-- the parking lot looks a little jumbled, but that's because a lot of construction was going on and there really WAS no parking lot. Just a big dirt lot, basically.

Today was one of those days I was sorry I only had 2 classes in the library all day. Since it was ITLAPD (see below) I read a pirate picture book, made the kids talk like pirates when they checked out books, and we did pirate math questions at the end of class (Awk!! Polly wanted a cracker! In the box next to Polly were three Ritz crackers, 5 saltine crackers and 7 Wheat Thins. How many crackers did Polly have?) The kids love love loved it. And RR--we were looking EVERYWHERE for that pirate book you read out loud to your class. The computer said we had one, but we couldn't find it anywhere. I'm sure you checked it out...... :-)

This afternoon and evening was a book store bookfair for the Gilbert & Sullivan group I'm in. I was there from 4-9 pm and I'm completely out of steam. I stood at the entrance and passed out flyers for 90 minutes. They did two singing programs and I did the music on the computer (midi files). Actually B created them I just ran the computer. Toward the end of the evening two PIRATES came in! One of them looked and moved just like Jack Sparrow--it was weird how much he was like him.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow night. No plans-- movies to watch, and a comfy couch.

Later this week-- going to see "Bat Boy: The Musical". Wheeee!

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