Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm back--I'm really tired and my sister is crazy.

Actually, that photo trivia was pretty good-- she's so clever. The picture of that Spam was pretty weird, though!

1. This looks a lot like the gum wrapper chain I made in junior high. I still have a big piece of it.
2. South Carolina-- wrong! I was born in North Carolina.
3. Fried Spam--yum.
4. Mac and cheese-- well, yeah, that's my specialty I suppose.
5. That little picture is a Zuni fetish. And KT is right--I collect them and used to buy them everytime I went to Santa Fe, which has been quite awhile ago. Too long.
6. Tom Arnold-- oh, brother. That was my high school boyfriend's name.
7. Flute--nope, I played clarinet.
8. Yep, that's my car.
9. Cats-- duh.

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