Sunday, October 08, 2006

Washing machine seems to be fixed.... yaaay!

The person who owns it sent their handy dandy son over and after two hours of beeping (a meter of some kind), stopping, starting, more beeping and fiddling, it works. He thought it was just the knob that sets the level of water that loads into the machine. I don't really care what it was-- it seems to work now.

Also went to get a pedicure today at a place I've never been. My usual place was closed today and tomorrow for Columbus Day (who knew the Vietnamese were so enamored of the explorers?) and as I was going someplace else, I saw this place. I liked it a lot and will go again--CP, I picked up a business card for you. I loved the inside-- very calm and peaceful and NO TVs.

And now it's time to sit in front of the tv (hey--when it's at my own house I like it--just not in businesses) and go through all kinds of checks I've gotten at school over the past two weeks for birthday book club and Deep Rock water delivery. I'm about to smack a few people for being so so so late paying for water-- one person hasn't made a payment for two months. Grownups are a lot harder to discipline than kids.

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