Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm at the library this morning-- the usually noisy, boisterous teen-filled library. But it's nearly noon, and all those little rugrats are in school.

I took the day off to do... pretty much nothing. I did get a desperately needed haircut, and now it's off to finish up some last minute shopping and maybe wash my car.

I've been fighting a cough, congestion, runny noise.. etc.. for weeks and weeks and weeks. Last night I took two N*quil capsules and slept blissfully for nearly 11 hours. I didn't intend to sleep that long, but it sure felt good. It does take a little while to actually rouse yourself out of that groggy slumber (and I'm talking after you're dressed and out the door, even) but now I feel pretty darn good.

Our staff holiday party is tomorrow night and I have to say I am really, really looking forward to it. I haven't been to the staff party for quite a few years--just haven't ever really been in the mood/spirit. But this year I'm hoping it will be as much fun as I have built up in my head. B is coming with me--which makes me very happy, because I want him to meet and chat with all the people I talk about all the time. And E--he's ready for the Erie Canal conversation. He may even bring an atlas, I'm told.

One thing that continues to amaze me is when people rsvp for something, they know they have to pay for dinner ahead of time and then they tell you at the last minute they can't come. One of our custodians rsvp'd 3 for dinner--and then backed out last night. Too bad-- we need your $$ anyway. This happened last year, as well. It was awkward for awhile--the people really didn't think they should be asked to pay since they weren't going but we had already paid the bill so we needed their money. It was awkward because I have a pretty good relationship with those people and I had to be the pain in the ass person that kept bothering them about the money. It all ended okay because other people were nice enough to take their spot for dinner but man, I had to do a lot of finnagling (how DO you spell that word?) to make that happen.

This will probably be a good week at school. Everyone seems to be in good spirits because we all know the end is near. Four more days, then the BIG day, then off to Virginia for a week.


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