Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm sick. Bleh. I'm trying really hard not to whine about it, but that's only going to be good for another day or two. I was sick for about 6 weeks in Nov/Dec, then was FINE over break and on my trip, now I'm sick again. Hmmm....what seems to be the common thread? WORK!!! More accurately, my building and the people at school. There is not one school building in the country that has good ventilation, so I'm sure that's partly to blame. And germs everywhere. Tomorrow--out come the cleansing wipes and we're washing those darn books! RH has been after me forever to call and get a dr's appt, but we have new insurance and I've been avoiding finding a doctor, etc....So tonight I've finally had enough and call. The first appt they had was TWO WEEKS AWAY! Yeah, like that is really going to work. So I got online to my other doctor (I can use my new insurance at the old place too) and did the online doctor's appt. I'm hoping to get some antibiotics tomorrow. Bleh.

Yesterday in my post I forgot to tell that RR and I won the staff scavenger hunt yesterday. It was an activity designed to get people up and moving, into rooms all over the school. It was great fun. We had a sheet with different things to find in classrooms, the office, etc. I figured we probably would do pretty well--I think we're a good team. She's pretty competitive and I'm pretty observant. That makes a good team. Some people said we cheated because we actually split up and met up again in about ten mins, but no one said we couldn't do that. I think we were just smart! I actually knew where several of the things could be found because I do get out and about into people's classrooms more than most people. If I don't, I never see anyone except RR and RH because they are right next to the library. Not that I'm complaining, because I really love being around both of them, but it's good to see other people, too!

I'm about to crash, so I think I'll go stand by the couch so I'll land on something soft.

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