Monday, January 08, 2007

This day has seemed like it's been 50 hours long. It started with a very rude awakening at 6:15--yikes. After nearly three weeks of sleeping in (and really sleeping in while in D.C.) getting up again at o'dark thirty was just rude.

Tonight we started our third cake decorating course. I was kind of dreading it all day because I don't feel great--my throat hurts, and so does my neck (like when you have STREP!). I was also dreading being out in the cold (waaaa) and the long drive (we're taking it down where B lives-- 20 miles from my place). It did take me over an hour to get there (usually a half an hour) but it was fun and it was great to see SS, the instructor. I really like her a lot. For three weeks I have been asking B what we needed to have ready for the class, and for three weeks I kept hearing "I need to find the paper". I finally found my paper and realized we needed to take icing. It was Sunday evening and I was not a happy camper. I also asked if he had my kit for the class, since he had purchased them for both of us in November. "No, I gave it to you". I knew he hadn't but I didn't want to press the issue because most of the time he's right (so annoying). So tonight he walks in and says "Guess what I found in my car?" I wanted to say I told you so, but being the mature, thoughtful friend I am, I just thought it. Over and over.

It was a really nice first day back at work today--big boss man and psuedo boss-girl planned a fun morning-- a scavenger hunt that got us all over the school, then beach ball volleyball while standing in hula hoops on the floor. Lots of fun with the beach ball for quite awhile until some idiot reaches for a hit, slams into the poor teacher next to her and they both crash to floor. The idiot teacher crashed on her back and wasn't too bad off at the time. The second teacher crashed on her head and went to the emergency room for a CT scan and had a mild concussion and won't be back to school tomorrow.

Man, my back is starting to hurt now.

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