Sunday, February 11, 2007

I've been forced to change to the "new" blogger and all my archives are gone. I saved the template before I made the forced switch, thanks to training by my seester in the past... but I am not a happy blogger user. I would love to pick one of their new templates, but there are thirty-one templates, people. Thirty-one...for thousands maybe millions of bloggers.Grrrr..

The show we saw last night at the ACenter was just okay. A few funny parts, cute idea, but just so-so. I did like that it started at 7:00 and got out at 8:30. Those are my kind hours for a show.

Looking forward to watch the Grammees tonight. Am watching The Police perform right now-- and if someone didn't tune in right at the beginning of the show they're going to miss it. Poor planning, I'm thinking. Sting is looking pretty good-- "someone's been working out".

Tomorrow I have to return my borrowed laptop to the person who loaned it to me in November. I guess now I had better step up the search for a new computer. Mark--whacha doin' next weekend?

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