Sunday, April 22, 2007

A fairly uneventful weekend.

Friday was "lay on the couch and do nothing" night. Sat I helped read reading grants and give out money. This is the committee I've chaired for at least 9 years and I am so glad that now I'm just helping make the transition for the new chairperson. So much less stress and time. Last night we watched The Legend of 1900--a movie I'd never heard of but B had, and it was really good. Very unusual, and a little sad. Today-- stayed in my jammies til almost 2:00, did some journaling in a scrapbook, watched The Way We Were and To Sir With Love on TCM, and went to the post office.

We also made chocolate martinis last night--yummo. Ours don't have chocolate swirls around the inside of the glass, B makes a line of chocolate around the rim of the glass so you get a taste of chocolate with each sip. We each had two-- soooooo good.

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