Monday, April 09, 2007

Here's a picture of my cute niece and one of her dogs.

I am watching the funniest show--it's a new improv show called Thank God You're Here! This is the kind of show that I'd like to be on-- I'm pretty good at improv (just not Boggle, I guess) so I think it would be fun.
Yesterday was a pretty fun family holiday gathering. When we got back to my place B said "Amanda is really loud--but I guess the rest of your family is too, aren't they?" So true, so true. We played a really fun game, but I think we probably should have stopped about 20 minutes before we did, it seemed to be getting a little long. The food was fabulous, albeit completely carb overload (as usual for us!).

I am so counting the days until the book fair, and then after that until school is out. I'm not really enjoying my job at the moment. Today one of my favorite people came to volunteer and I told her I felt like I just wandered around the library all afternoon. The morning was pretty busy and then there was the obligatory sbux run about 11:00. I didn't need sbux, I just needed to get out of the building. I did spend a good amount of time grousing to/with our instructional coach this morning-- about people not showing up for scheduled lessons but not letting me know, how I wish some teachers would stop treating their kids like they are already in middle school because then the kids ACT like they are in middle school, and about this and that and those.

T-minus six days til book fair set-up. Bring it on.

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