Monday, April 16, 2007

I really could use one of these right now. I really need a new pair of shoes, that's why I need one of these right now. I think I'm about ready to spring for a good pair of Merrills or some comparable brand-- it would be worth it.

This weekend I watched Shut Up and Sing--about the Dixie Chicks fallout after NM's comment about GB at a concert in 2003. I love the DC and I really loved the movie. Last night we watched The Prestige--really good. I liked that up to a certain point everything seemed so believable, but suddenly it was a complete fantasy and that ruined it somewhat for me. I would've loved it if it seemed that the story really could have happened.

Work is good--I have so much coming up that it's kind of stressing me out. bookfair, author visit, plus all my regular other stuff. I'm kind of behind on my schedule of getting things ready for both of them--not a huge problem but I'd feel better if I was more on track with the schedule of how I usually do things.

Highlight of the upcoming week--I get a haircut on Wednesday. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.

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