Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The blahs have come to visit. It appears they brought luggage, which is never a good sign.

Last night we went to the Denver Public Library for an event on their Fresh City Life summer promotion. I was surprised at how few people were there--free event, in an air conditioned room, and interesting. We went because it was Ukulele Loki (click to his page and you can hear his band)--a guy from Boulder that has a little band called the Gadabout Orchestra. He also has various other people that perform with him from time to time. We saw him at at the Boulder Fringe Festival a little over a year ago. He does music from the 1920's mostly. This particular show was about sideshows--he talked about how they got started, the terms for the different parts and people in the show, etc. It was really interesting. He also had a girl named Viva there and she had trained and traveled with the only remaining 10 in 1 sideshow (ten acts in one tents) back east. She walked on broken glass and also put an ice pick up her nose. I couldn't watch much of that one--it made me gag. This Thursday his band is performing at an old movie theatre in north Denver--if you're local and want the details, leave me a comment. Of course we're going--even though it doesn't even start until 9:00. B bought a ukulele a few weeks ago and is an inspiring (not inspired) uke player. He brings it over all the time and plunks during commercials and whenever he is sitting around. He's not half bad--he already knew how to play the guitar. He hasn't really done songs yet--just a lot of chord strumming mostly.
My knee is a little better--at least I can touch it enough now to put some antioxidant cream on it. I'm a little worried it won't ever stop hurting completely. I feel like I'm kind of falling apart these days--my ankle hurts, my knee, my lower back, I have a killer headache today. At least I'm not having surgery today--I should be thankful! Although since his accident, Spencer has blogged more than he ever has before!


Laurie said...

Hey. Why the blahs? Why not sign up for an engineering class, and you can have PANIC ATTACKS instead? No cropping for me on Fri.; I have my art club all day Saturday, so that will be my limit of hauling stuff around. Thanks though. Maybe some time next week. Yea, Monart is the best! Andy and I are the only ones in the Mon. p.m. teen/adult class. You should check it out!

danelle said...

I don't think I could sit and listen to someone practice the ukulele.

Don't feel bad, my body is falling apart too.