Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So.... here's how my last few days have been at school.

Monday--finished all kinds of jobs around my library, and was so glad to get a lot of loose ends tied up.
Tuesday--wasted most of the day online, reading email, writing email, pretending to look like I was busy.
Wednesday--finished this year's scrapbook, cleaned some shelves, changed some cataloging records (actually, a lot of records) that deal with our new math materials, more email reading and writing, a little of this and that.

I guess there's not really all that much to do for three days after the teachers leave.

As I was driving home I realized I forgot to change the message on the marquee out front, so I suppose I'll go over tomorrow or Friday to do that. This morning I stopped by the boss mans office to leave the scrapbook so he could look at it at his leaisure, and he must have just been in the middle of something because he was kind of distracted when I told him what I was doing. he came down later and asked when my last day was--I said today. He seemed completely caught off guard, and he said, (in his ADD crazy way) "No! Not today! Really? It's today?" And I reminded him it was really tomorrow but he had told me I could leave a day early to compensate for a day in December we missed due to snow. "No! You're messing me up! Really? Today? I wanted to take you out to lunch! Lunch! Let's do it... tonmorrow. No--how about Friday? Lunch on Friday!? I'll call you!" Anyone that knows him has a very clear visual in their head right now about this--believe me.

I admit my reaction was "Why does he want to take me to lunch? Is he going to tell me something bad? I don't want to go to lunch. I'm not good with small talk one-on-one. What will we talk about? Maybe he'll forget."

I'm such a social loser.

And now I'm headed up to Boulder to meet buddy boy for dinner at Cheesy-Cake Fack-tor-ee. Yum. Today is the 7th anniversay of the day we met face-to-face (we had been communicating through a message board and email for several months before that). When I opened up my email today I saw "Happy Anniversary!" with an email of memories from the past seven years.

Nice way to start the day.

9:20 p.m. update: We didn't go to CF for dinner. As we were walking out of the parking garage we smelled pizza, so found where it was and went there. It was a bit loud in the restaurant, freezing cold where we were sitting, but the chit chat was nice. And the pizza was half price because it was happy hour. Good deal.


Laurie said...

Now THAT is far more sentimentality than I would expect from any fella. Buddy boy, I mean. I really can't say what's going on with the boss man... xoxox

Anonymous said...

Blogeois said...

Social loser or not (I'm sure it's not), being asked out of the blue out to lunch would kind of freak me out.

cb said...

I love when you guys comment! "They like me, they really like me!"

Danelle said...

Maybe he wants to spend time with someone who doesn't cough on people during live performances.

cb said...

Just let the coughing go... let it go....