Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sometimes a big box of Cheese-Nips is the one thing that will get a person through a crisis. Just ask CP. Lord knows we've eaten enough boxes of the things together.

There is a big, black cloud looming over the horizon. It has the potential to bring destruction to all things as we know them. I'm not going to spend any time discussing it with you all, I'm sure you're all very kind and willing to listen, but not this time. It stays right here. Okay, not "here" as in blogville. Here, as in... not where you are.

So. On to other things. Dang it's been hot the last few days. I'm not really wearing shorts these days for this reason or that reason, so it feels hotter than it has to for me. Got a hair cut today--you know how I love that. I'm playing that hair cut appointment game at the moment. Reunion starts Aug 9--and obviously the hair has to be just right. So do I go for a really long time and get it cut a week before (because we all know after a week, then it looks best) or do I get a short little trim in a few weeks, then the major thing a week before the reunion? I'll probably opt for the second plan.

It's been a weird week. Enough said.


danelle said...

I have those dark clouds too. Blah.

cb said...

They suck. Black clouds--bad. White clouds--good.

rr said...

Wow! I haven't read in a long time. Sorry. I hope your cloud has lifted. At least a little.