Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Spencer must be feeling better. He hasn't posted for two days.

Tonight we went to see this show. I liked that it started at 7:30 (instead of 8:00) and got out at 9:20. Now that's my kind of show. There really wasn't much story to it, but lots of really good songs. And we got gelato afterward. Well, B got gelato. I got an Italian Cream Soda.

Last week when we went to the show at the Oriental Theatre I don't think I mentioned I.got.a.parking.ticket while we were at dinner. Grrrrrrrr. The area around the restaurant/deli is terrible for parking. When I parked I didn't see the signs that said "Street parking for residents only between 6 pm and 6 am". What a stupid idea. It was only twenty dollars but still. Dumb.

I also didn't mention that last week I went down to B's, we went for dinner then came back to his place. I dropped him off at the door then went to park on the street. When I got out I saw a little girl, probably three years old or so, wandering around with only a shirt and her underwear on. She looked like she knew where she was going, but there was no adult anywhere to be found. I asked her if she was lost, and she said something about finding her yiyee (I later found out she was saying Lily). I asked her if I could walk with her and help her look, and as we walked I asked her questions--what was her name, where did she live, was she lost, where was her mom. I wasn't feeling like she really knew where she lived--she kept looking down one street and saying "there!" but then she'd look somewhere else and say "up there!". We must have walked three blocks. There was a guy walking his dog and I asked if he lived around there (yes) and did know this little girl (no). I didn't have my phone and neither did he, but there was a lady up the street that did, so he ran up to have her call the police. As she was calling, a woman came running up the street where we were--it was her mom, thank goodness. The first thing her mom said was, "Where are your pants?!?!?" (which is what I was wondering, too). Happy ending all around. Although B thought I had gotten kidnapped I think.


Laurie said...

Thank god it was you who encountered her! My knee-jerk reaction is to wonder what that mom could have been doing, but then my own parenting experiences kicked in. There, but for the grace of god, goes Rose. Thanks, from the mom of a wanderer. xoxox

Laurie said...

Hey, that Skinned Knee book looks good. And, maybe pertinent to my previous comment. Also, I miss your photograph! But I love your book list. I think I'll add one!

cb said...

I like my book list, too. Mostly because it's a reflection of my renewed interest in reading--which has been fleeting (at best) for a long time.

And actually the things in that Skinned Knee book are so applicable to anyone raising a child. Mostly it's just good manners and kindness.