Friday, September 07, 2007

As a general rule I do not advocate feeding people food to pets. Their dietary needs are different than ours, and I wouldn't eat their dinner even if they asked me nicely.

But my cat is 17-1/2 years old. In people years, that means she's kind of like an old person that only wants to eat cake. My cat still eats her prescription cat food from the vet, and eats pretty well (meaning she eats and doesn't not eat). However, last night I discovered she likes french cut green beans. And I let her eat them. Not many, maybe four or five slivers of beans. But she l.o.v.e.d them. She also absolutely loves cheetos. Not the nasty baked or puffy kind. The really good ones, the ones that leave that orange pesticide-type powder that you have to lick off your fingers. And Wheat Thins--she loves those too. Also-- icing. Cake icing. Loves it.

Now don't get the idea I'm filling her food bowl with snack food. She gets maybe two or three pieces that I break off from the piece I'm eating. But seriously, she loves this stuff.


Laurie said...

Those beans can't be bad for her, can they?

cb said...

Green beans? No way. I'm sure they are good for anybody!

katie said...

your cat is awesome. has good taste! you should see if she likes easy cheese. emo likes it. who the hell doesnt like fake cheese in a can? what a cool cat.