Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too much of this, not enough of that, needing a little more of something else. Not really seeing it happening anytime soon.

Having to work with people that don't get it. Wanting more from you, and way less from you. Hoping for something different from you.

Wishing I was better at that thing, and that that other thing wasn't so bothersome. Wondering when it will feel like I know what I'm doing.


Laurie said...

Jeez. Things are bewildering on the other side of town, too. I finally just told my principal I couldn't deal with one more schedule change. That and the funeral today. Those HS girls from Arvada were students of Peter's, too. AND Vance Johnson's son. We're whipped over here. And it's only Tuesday. I could barely even THINK about the anniversary of our nation's tragedy. Well, chin up. xoxox

cb said...

I know what you mean about the schedule change stuff. This has been the hardest start to the school year I can remember. Things still don't feel settled. I know I have a terrible attitude about everything around me, but I feel like I'm drowning and everyone with a life preserver is just standing there watching, wondering if I am going to pull myself out all by myself.

seester said...

omg I know that feeling. No ones wants to help or be around when you're in the dumps.

We can go do something if ya want.

Christie said...

I'm training at the Westm B&N but I'm only there 3 weeks and doing intense training to be ready for my new store by the first week of October... while I would love to have visitors later on, right now I just think it would look bad if I already had people I know coming in, plus it would fluster me a bit. I really appreciate the thought but would prefer if you waited a month or two before visiting :) Like November for instance, by which time I'll be at 104th &36.