Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I thought the week couldn't get any worse than it was on Monday. I was wrong.

I am completely misunderstood, hurt, sad, dejected and bothered. I have no more spark, fight or interest.

I have a headache and heartache the size of Montana.
I give up.


Laurie said...

Bah! What a bummer to come back from a fun and beautiful weekend and be so let down. I don't know what would be worse: the pain and rejection stemming from work relationships, or personal. I'm sorry! I hope somebody makes amends. xoxox

danelle said...

What else does that shirt say?

I hope you feel better and are laughing soon.

cb said...

It says "Montana Sucks. Now go home and tell all your friends".

danelle said...

hahaha I love that. Anyway, I've had a heartache the size of TWO Montanas before. It doesn't last forever.