Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's after 7:00, and no knocks on the door. I rarely get any trick or treaters, and I'm rarely home on Halloween. I'm usually shopping, at a movie, anywhere but home. Tonight I had an offer of a movie from B but thought I'd better stay home and keep trying to get better. We're going to a town in the mountains this weekend to see a play, and last time we did that (January) I was sick, too and I thought my eardrums were going to burst on the drive back down. The change in elevation about did me in.

It was a nice, quiet afternoon in the library. I thought I might get a lot of work done, but I spend most of the time going around the school and taking pictures of the teachers in their grade level teams. This is not really my favorite holiday--I think if I wasn't a teacher, I'd probably like it a lot. I'm just a little burnt out on it and all the "attitude" that the kids have on this day.

Today there was a 6th grade girl dressed in what I considered a completely inappropriate costume. She was a "flapper" type girl, short red dress, fish-net stockings, garters with dollar bills tucked into them, and a long cigarette holder. She looked like she was about 21. And her mom was loving it. Several parents around me commented on her costume as she went by. that mom may be headed for some heartbreak one day.


danelle said...

Even if you dress them as a refrigerator..sometimes you are headed for heartache anyway. *sigh

rr said...

Yikes! She really did look SO old! She is stunning already, as is her mother. She doesn't need to try so hard or grow up so fast. *sigh* is right.