Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's cold-- we got snow this morning. It's mostly gone, but the cold lingers.

I'm tired--I haven't been home much this weekend. Went to B's last three performances of his show, and I'm glad they are done. For several reasons.

I'm anxious--I have a confirmation document for my World Series tickets for this Sat and Sun, but need to wait and call the Rockies tomorrow with a clarification question. As will about a thousand and one other people will as well, I'm guessing. I'm going to be way disappointed if they answer my question the opposite I want them to.

Words to describe my job right now; frustrating, annoying, dreading, stomach-churning. You know it's bad when you hear a person's voice around the corner you're about to turn, and you do a 180 and go the opposite direction to avoid seeing them and talking to them.

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danelle said...

Well what happened with the tickets?