Thursday, October 25, 2007

No matter how hard I try, I cannot eat goldfish crackers unless I shove a handful in my mouth. I've tried doing one at a time, just to make them last longer and not eat the whole bag in a couple of sittings, but it cannot be done.

I am so glad to be home. I have not enjoyed going to work this week. Not even one day. When I pull into my parking place, I turn my car off and just sit and stare out the front windshield for a few minutes, trying to convince myself it will be a better day.

I think in a few months, my school (and perhaps lots of others) will morph into sterile classrooms with no color, whimsy, or fun. Fire marshalls have been visiting each school and making reports of what needs to change, or go away. No comfy living room-type chairs for kids to sit in. No director's chairs for kids to sit in when they read their writing to the class. A bare minimum of posters/wall displays. No artificial plants. No stuffed animals. That one kills me. There are also storage concerns now-- we aren't supposed to store anything on top of shelves if it will be closer than two feet to the ceiling. Shelves can't stick out more than a certain number of inches. In my storage room in the library, this will mean a lot of things will be tossed, because I have absolutely no storage that is available. And the part that annoys me the most? We're supposed to do all of this AND still teach, and do our jobs. When are we supposed to be doing this? I'll probably do a lot of mine during the book fair, the second week of November. And if the fire marshall comes back for a look-see when the book fair is set up-- oh my. I'm sure he'll have a fit.

And you know what? I don't care.

The best part of the day (actually the week): I picked up my World Series tickets this afternoon. It didn't even take me 15 min from parking to back to the car. There were practically no people down there, I found a meter about 50 feet from the ticket window, and the person that printed my tickets was actually a librarian I knew that has been retired for awhile.

I have to admit I was still a little anxious about getting the tickets-- and knew I wouldn't know it for sure until I actually was handed the tickets. So now it's official.

Please win tonight, Rockies. Win one for the Gipper. Or whoever.


danelle said...

I don't really like cheese flavored crackers of any kind, but on the rare occasions I've eaten goldfish, I eat them one at a time because I like to dissolve the salt on my tongue. Weird huh.

That's so dumb about the fire rules. You should revolt.

cb said...

When I do eat them, I eat the flavor blast ones--they have more nuclear reactor cheese powder on them.

The fire rules are revolting, but I will not be. Too much other drama going on, and the revolting would be a bad thing.

rr said...

M2 hasn't said a thing about them. Perhaps he is revolting. against the rules, that is. =)

danelle said...

Flavor blast means "the worst thing you will ever eat." yugh.