Monday, October 29, 2007

So so close tonight.

Ah well, it was fun to be there anyway.
I am sick-- not just about the game, but really sick. I had a fever when I went to bed last night, and am so congested even the water from my neti pot won't drain through to the other side. My sinuses hurt, my ears hurt, and my throat is scratchy. I'm glad I made sub plans earlier today when I got up and felt like this.
I hope I feel better tomorrow--I've been gone so much already this year with meetings and trainings, I don't really want to take off other days. Even though the other days are really more necessary.
And now...sleep. but it's going to be one of those nights I end up sleeping with my mouth open so I can breathe, and my mouth will be all icky in the morning.
Benadryl, thy name is friend.

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rr said...

Sorry you are joining the sick club. It stinks! We should all wear masks and rubber gloves to work.