Monday, November 12, 2007

Book Fair Day 1-- over.

Pretty busy today-- lots of kids came throughout the day, which I love. I really enjoy talking to them during the book fair--it's more like an aunt or something rather than their library teacher. After school was insane, as always. For about a half an hour after school it's always super busy, then slows down. We were open until 8:00 tonight. B came around 3:40 and helped at the register. We had a special Family Night tonight in the cafeteria. Kids and parents bought these book kits and sat in there and wrote books and illustrated them. I had a couple of parents monitoring that event, but I tried to go in-between that and the book fair to keep an eye on things. It was a little wearing.

The hardest part of these late nights at school is that I basically come home and it's time to go to bed. We went out to eat after we left at 8:00--and I just got home a bit ago. Now it's time to hit the sack. The day seems like a circle of busy.

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