Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Because I may shoot someone if they cross me.
Not really. I'm just sleepy and worn out.

  • We set the book fair up this morning. It looks great. I love my volunteers. Please come and spend money. Please.
  • What's up with this weather? Nice, but I want some winter. Not blizzard, or wind, or ice pellets. Just some winter.
  • Why are tv shows in reruns already?
  • I'm not going to our staff holiday party this year. I probably wasn't going anyway because of not wanting to be within 100 feet of one person, but the date is actually on a day I can't go so now I have a reason. Yes, I am that immature.
  • D*g the B*unty Hunter is an idiot. Or at least he plays one in real life.
  • I'm going to a black tie/formal-type event this Saturday night. I'm sure I'll feel uncomfortable in my clothes all night.
  • I'm feeling better this week (last week was kind of a blur, to tell you the truth) but still not 100%.
  • This morning I got a single shot white chocolate mocha at SB, and it was terrible. I went through the drive-through and was already on the road again so couldn't get a new one made. Damn.
  • I got a large iced tea at Subway today and it was terrible. I was already in the car and on my way so couldn't take it back. Damn.
  • Today was not my day for drinks.

That is all.


danelle said...

Non-reality shows are showing reruns because the writers are on strike. Open a paper.

cb said...

Shows have been in reruns for two weeks now, and the strike just started. Who reads a paper these days? All the news is online. And besides, shows have taped episodes weeks in advance.

And don't take that tone with me.