Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm done. Literally and figuratively. I'm done. I didn't realize I had so many little things to still get for Christmas. I left the house at noon and just got back a few minutes ago. But I'm done. Except for the wrapping, which is so my favorite part. Not.

Got treated to lunch (thanks, D) and then headed to Bath and Body Works where I ran into a former student from many years ago. She was always such a neat kid--she has two kids of her own now and looks exactly the same. It's weird--the past couple of weeks I've been running into SO many former students from a long time ago. Last Wed I went down to have lunch with B and one of the manager trainees in the place we were eating was a student from a REALLY long time ago. I didn't recognize him, but when I paid with my credit card he said, "I thought that was you!" and I looked at him closely and said, "Chris!". B is always amazed I know their names still. We talked for a long time--it was nice to see him again.

So, tonight--no shopping, no work, no anything much. I might wrap a few gifts but I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't. What I really need to do is start picking up around here, and sorting things into "to be wrapped" bags. I'd rather go over to my mom's and wrap presents tomorrow afternoon--so we'll see if that works out. I'm ushering tomorrow so don't want to make a lot of plans.

I've got cookies, baklava, chocolate, and yesterday CP gave me a jar of bruschetta, a bag of bagel chips, and a coffee can of her mom's pizzelles...I think I'm set.

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