Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's Saturday. And it's cold. Finally. Seasonal weather. I like it. A lot.

Slept in, and am washing the kitchen rugs, taking out trash, going through piles and trying to make it look like I've done something. I've been doing the same thing at school. The back room actually looks like I've done some major work. In reality, I've done some minor work and just moved things to different places so it looks like I've done something. It's just like Dr. Phil says, "There is no reality. There is only your perception of reality". So I'm going to try to make the fire marshall's perception of reality the same as mine.

I was talking to someone at school about what they need to do to clear stuff from their room before the fire marshall returns. She said she hasn't been told to do anything (and she does--it's not like her room isn't like everyone else's) --which is typical of our school. A few people are told something, when the whole staff should be told as a group. There is lots of side talking, quiet conversations in rooms and no one really knows the expectation for this, that, or the other. This leads to stress, confusion and general frustration. I'm done with trying to change it. Asking questions at meetings is not encouraged, it's actually discouraged (that's my perception of reality, anyway) so I am not doing it any more. There are only so many times you can get proverbially silenced before you are just silent.

Today should be fairly relaxed. We have another performance tonight, and B and I will probably just go get some lunch, then hang out for most of the afternoon. I'm in the middle of about four different books, I really need to just chill and read.

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David said...

'There are only so many times you can get proverbially silenced before you are just silent'

You have no idea how much that phrase resonated with me.