Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogger is now available in Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic. Finally! It's about time!

I'm not in the best mood at the moment. I'm annoyed at you because you don't seem to realize (or care, I suppose is the better word) about things you really should care about. It's getting old.

And I'm annoyed at you, because for some reason you will not do what you've been asked to do. You keep breaking the rules and doing what works best for you, even when it causes big problems for those of us that have to be be the caretakers.

I'm tired of the cold, of not having clothes that fit, of having to fill my car up with gas more than I think I should, and more things that will be better left for another time.

It's just one of those days weeks years lifetimes.

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rr said...

oh good! I was waiting for the Hebrew version. Perhaps I will come back over from myspace now. =)

I ditto the 'just one of those lifetimes' sentiment.