Friday, January 04, 2008

Went to the Movie Theater That's Really Cheap But Messy and Kind of Yucky and saw two movies tonight- listed over there---->. Both were really good and worth the 87.5 cents we paid for each. Tomorrow will be more movies-- at the Big Theatre That Has More Theaters Than is Really Necessary. We're starting with this movie--which I've been waiting and waiting for. After that, we'll have to look at our little master list we take with us.

It's been kind of an eventful week. A few days ago I spent the afternoon and evening down in B's neck of the woods. I got back to my neck of the woods about 10:30, stopped to check my mail before I actually came back to the house, and promptly locked my keys in the car. While it was running. And freezing cold outside. Fortunately I had my mail box key chain, which also has a house key on it so walked home, called AAA and then went to stand beside my car for AN HOUR (remember--it's now about 10:40 p.m.) waiting. In the cold. Brrr. When I had walked home I did change my shoes from tennis shoes to more winter-type shoes, and had changed coats to a heavier coat. Still, it was cold cold cold.

Sometimes I amaze myself with my dorkness.

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