Friday, January 11, 2008

What a day.

The Geography Bee was wonderful--the champion was very deserving. Not only is he a smart kid, he's a nice kid and deserved it. He's also in the spelling bee, and has been since second grade.The thing about the Geo Bee is it's really not about smarts. It's all about where you've traveled, what movies you've seen, what books you've read, where your family has lived--so many factors go into knowing this or that for the Bee.

While it was fun, I was so glad it when it was done. There's quite a few details to get ready, including the big stuff like chairs, a table for the judges, remembering to ask the judges, markers, paper, microphones, the prize, run the maps off for some of the questions, it goes on and on. But it's really worth it when you hear the kids say they thought they did a good job, and had a good time.

Next: Spelling Bee in two weeks.

Busy weekend ahead--all of it with the theatre group I work with. Rehearsal tonight, board meeting tomorrow morning at 9:00 (gah! so early!), rehearsal again on Sunday afternoon. And a nap in there somewhere.

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