Friday, February 01, 2008

Once again, the last day of the work week is cause for celebration. Go ahead. Stand up and cheer. I'll wait.

It was Pajama Day in the two kindergarten classes today, and since I have kindergarten classes in the library on Fridays, I wore my pajamas and pink slippers.Very comfy, and I think they were surprised. I completely forgot to take pictures while they were in the library--dang nab it. I changed back into my street clothes about 10:00, but after school changed back into jammies, grabbed my teddy bear, and went to find the kdg teachers so we could take a picture together.

The SMARTboard was installed in the library today--yippee! It only took about 30 minutes, and after the guy left we hooked up the laptop and lcd projector and did some fast and furious messing around with it. I dinked around with it for about a half an hour, and when each of my first grade classes came in this afternoon, did a lesson using the whiteboard. When the second class came in I sent someone to go get the principal. He sat in on the impromptu lesson--I taught them about the special markers (which aren't really markers), how it worked, then had them come up one by one and write their initials on the baord based on where they were born. The p-man was completely impressed. I think he was surprised that I actually was able to use it for a lesson less than an hour after it was installed. Go me. He said "I know we didn't have a pre-conference, but can I use this as a part of your evaluation?" Let's see, um, yes? Actually, I didn't realize I was being evaluated this year.

My old body is achy and tired tonight. Did a lot of standing today, then ushered tonight (more standing). I'm really looking forward to some bed-time tonight. The play at the arts center right now is Of Mice and Men. I sat in and watched the first act--it's not what you'd call a light-hearted show by any means, but boy is the cast amazing.


danelle said...

I love The Of Mice and Men story.

Hate pj day tho.

rr said...

I want one!

cb said...

Come use the one in the library!