Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love my new camera. I do need to look and see how to turn the sounds off--while I like the sounds it makes, it's not always very convenient to be hearing them when I'm taking photos at school during kid presentations.

It's Thursday. And you know what that means, don't you? One more day then a week off from work. I'm not going to Florida, or Michigan, or Ohio (sounds like a college football tour), or Cancun or Vail or New York or anywhere else anyone else is going, but I may venture to Aurora once or twice. Woo hoo-- fun times.

Where I do need to go is to the gym. B has been going for two weeks now, so he's got a head start on me, but hopefully I can get in the groove this weekend. I am the queen of good intentions, but my couch and my cat and my tv and my computer always seem to win. My mom was giving B the what for a couple of weeks ago for not being motivated or disciplined enough to workout (she's such an expert now, you know). I think he's probably looking forward to giving her an update this weekend at dinner at my niece's house. Me, however? Same ol' slug.

I was so looking forward to watching CSI tonight. And guess what? Stupid basketball is on all night. Who really cares about March Madness? I mean, really.

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Nell said...

March madness makes me mad.

Know what? I have never worked out at a gym ever. Isn't that weird? Another item of things I've never done...