Thursday, April 10, 2008


Tonight our school and two of our students received awards at the school board meeting. The school award was for the library, and the students received awards for a district-wide art contest. Both awards are fairly prestigious. The librarians that received their awards (there were twenty) had their principals standing with them. Mine was nowhere to be found. I felt a little awkward.

When our students received their awards, no principal. Our principal from previous years was there, and the kids were thrilled because of course they thought he was there to see them get their awards. He wasn't, he is there for every board meeting because he's kind of an important person in the district now, but the kids didn't know that. They were ecstatic. They also thought I was there to see them, which was also a good thing.

It's just not right.

But I did have the best margarita I've ever had tonight. After rehearsal B and I went to Benny-gan's for a drink. To him, that means hot tea. To me, it means a margarita or something in the alcohol family. It was primo. If it had been a weekend, I would have had another. If I didn't have to drive 30 mins to get home I would have had another. And if it hadn't been 10:30, I would have had another. And our server sang to us. B had his practice music out and she asked about it. She asked if we wanted to hear her sing. Um, okay. She did pretty well. She probably needs to go work someplace they have singing waiters.

Let's hear it for Friday. Unless of course you're taking tomorrow off to go skiing and don't care that the rest of us are slaving away at school. Yes, I'm talking to you.


rr said...

hahahaha... I'll be thinking of you as I race down the hill on my board.

I didn't know our school was being recognized at the board meeting. Why the heck wasn't that communicated? Was anyone from our school there to support the library or the kids? Did anyone even know? Did I miss a memo? UGH!!!

Nell said...

I told you guys when you were all "he's so great." I told you, didn't I.

Nell said...

By the way, that's really cool about the award. I feel bad I wasn't there too.

Laurie said...

I am glad that the previous administrator was there. It's obvious that he made an impact on the students- maybe it was better to have him anyway! Don't you wish there was some way to TRULY anonymously get these remarks to the guilty party?

danelle said...

That's easy.