Saturday, April 05, 2008

Finished that book ----> this morning. Even though I knew the ending (we all know the ending--"off with her head!") getting there was definitely a good read. I went to rehearsal last night and knew I'd be bored, so took the book and read for about two and a half hours.

Thursday evening CP and I met with the manager at the place I'm having my personal retirement party. The hard part is picking the date. The date I want-- there's an important meeting at school that will last until at least 6:00 or so, and the four people on the committee aren't going to want to drive all the way to my end of town for the party after the meeting, I'm pretty sure. I emailed the boss to see if there was any chance of changing the date for the meeting, but I'm pretty sure it's not happening. mostly because there are a lot of parents involved--which almost always means "don't make waves". That aside, it should be a fun party, if it actually comes together. I'm getting an unbelievable deal on the food, and the setting is wonderful. We had one night of our reunion there in August. There's a patio, which looks out over a lake-type area. I kept telling CP my one big fear was that hardly anyone would come. She just rolls her eyes. But May is such a busy time for people, and a LOT of these people I haven't seen forever, so I guess we'll see.

I've been very lazy so far today, not unusual for most Saturdays. B has a voice competition this afternoon so won't be around til much later this afternoon or evening. I've done quite a bit of laundry, finished my book, watched Celebrity Fit Club (Screech--you are a worm), and am thinking about heading up to take a shower. But maybe a nap first.


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