Monday, May 12, 2008

It's raining, it's raining, it's raining.

It's cold, and by tomorrow morning we are supposed to have snow. Grrreat. I have traffic duty in the morning. I'd better remember my umbrella this time.

I had so much I wanted to accomplish at school today--and didn't get a lot of it done. I spent two hours there yesterday, cleaning off and sorting through everything near my work area and on the circ desk. It looked pretty good. And when I left today at 4:30, it looked almost as bad as when I started yesterday. There is so much paper "stuff" to deal with everyday. It's ridiculous.

This afternoon I had two fifth grade classes one right after the other, and when I told them it was their last library class of the year, they all moaned and gasped. Then they asked if they could ask me personal questions--and they were really good questions. What do I like to do outside of school, and lots of questions about theatre (they know I love it). I decided tonight I think I'm going to get group seats to Les Mis this fall, and invite any of them that might want to go. It would be a fun way to get back in touch with them. Maybe RR would come, too.

The End.

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rr said...

Heck yes, I'd come! You know I am one of those freak teachers that loves to spend time with my students.