Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I walked out of my library today with one last cart of things to take to storage. There's still some big items to be picked up next week, but I have no reason to go back into the big, cozy room I've called home since August 1999.

The last load couldn't go without some sort of tragedy, of course. I have quite a few large, framed items-- mostly playbill posters from my favorite shows, all signed by the casts of those shows. I was two feet from my car when I hit a little bump on the sidewalk, and the three on top flew off and crashed to the cement. It was like watching it in slow motion--I knew it was happening and couldn't stop it. Crash-- broken glass everywhere. Some of the glass was still in the frames, I had to carefully pick it out so it wouldn't scratch the poster. The metal frames were also bent.What good fortune that I had also carried out my broom, dustpan and an empty trashcan! Bleh. I stopped at HLobby on the way home and was able to get two of them repaired, but the third one will have to wait until til a 50% off framing special appears again. The frame was $100-- so we'll just wait a bit for that one. I'm retired now, you know.

I awoke with unbelievable allergy symptoms-- and so glad someone invented tissues so many years ago. I believe now the weird headache is definitely related to the one eye that's watering constantly and the congestion on one side of my sinuses. I finally broke down and took some sinus relief OTC stuff, which has helped immensely, but causes other symptoms of its own, but nowhere near as bad as what I was experiencing before. Damn cottonwood trees, anyway.

The people in the unit next to mine are getting new cupboards installed today. I'm glad I was gone all morning--when I left they were removing the old cupboards and it was so loud with the hammering and pulling and more hammering. Although I guess if they were removing cupboards, they wouldn't have been hammering, necessarily.

I'm going to go watch a movie and pet my cat. I don't have big plans the rest of the week (I have little plans) but I am not going to plan do ANYthing until next week. What I have learned is that retired people must spend a lot of their money on lunch. I already have so many lunch plans coming up--and haven't even made plans with my mom or some other people yet. It looks like retired = lunch.

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Laurie said...

I am so glad you posted that little tip about saving money for lunches upon retirement. I know it'll come in handy in another, oh, thirty years.