Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm glad the hard part of this day is over.

Today my friend KF helped me get the last of my stuff from school. Suffice it to say, there were a lot of tears, some swearing, and a lot of all-around general frustration . That KF, he's such a crybaby.

There were a lot of changes to the library and the storage rooms that I wasn't prepared for. Things I had left for the new person to either distribute to people (they had notes on them) or to use in decorating for the holidays (little things to place on the bookshelves) were out in the hall for trash pickup.

In the fairytale land of my brain, I had underestimated the amount of things I still had, and how long it would take us. We had everything loaded except my filing cabinet, which KF had unknowingly locked as he was trying to put it on the dolly. I don't have a key, so I had planned to take all the drawers out before we loaded it. KF isn't a stand around and think about the best way to load things person. He's a throw it on, let's get it done kind of person. It works for him, but it was stressing me quite a bit--but I tried to go with it because here he was giving up nearly a half day to help me move big, awkward, heavy stuff in nearly 90 degree temps. Unfortunately, it also meant the filing cabinet had to stay at school until I could either get a key or have a locksmith pick the lock.. And I had forgotten about my personal things in the basement of one of the cottage buildings. The frustrations of the day were just getting to be too much, and I had a meltdown on the way to unload everything.

At lunch, I told him one of the things that was bothering me so much was that (sniff) I still wasn't done at school (wipe tears) and it was still hanging over my head (sniff) and I was overwhelmed at how much stuff I had still had (sniff) and what would I do with it all (sniff) and...... It was awful. After listening patiently (he's really good at that) he suggested we go back to school, load the full filing cabinet on its back into the truck, pick up the rest of the stuff and I could be done with that part. I knew the school would be open til 4:30 so after awhile I said okay. And when our server brought our bill she brought me a chocolate milkshake in a kiddy cup and said it looked like I was having a hard day and she hoped things got better.

We got to school at 2:20, and the custodian was getting ready to lock up because the 4:30 people were on vacation and he leaves at 2:30. Okay, so last week when I confirmed I'd be back today to pick up my stuff and specifically asked how late the school would be open, why did you tell me 4:30? If I'd gotten there after 2:30 and found the school locked, I think I might have just dissolved into a puddle of emotional goo right then and there.

So everything is out of the school and piled in a storage unit. Finally.

I guess that means I'm officially done.

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danelle said...

That was a cool post. I'm sure it was hard to walk out finally but it's gonna be so gooood!