Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's nearly midnight, and the temp is 80 degrees. Enough, already.

Kitty got a clean bill of health today--the vet said for her age, she's in really good shape. We'll be starting her on some kind of kitty arthritis medicine, which also acts as a pre-emptive agent for seizures. I'm just glad there wasn't any bad news--that would not have made for a good day.

I went to a meeting tonight for a group I'm considering volunteering more for. However after sharing an opinion and some facts about a topic at tonight's meeting and feeling like I was scolded and sort of yelled at by the president of said group, I'm now having second thoughts. If he acts like that toward a person attending their first meeting, I'm not sure I need to be part of the group.

I have a really big headache and need to go to bed.


Spencer said...

glad to hear about kitty...as for the prez, he's probably threatened by your ability or go-getter attitude. you should spend your time elsewhere.

rr said...

I think that president is someone I know. ;-)

So glad to hear the kitty is ok.