Wednesday, September 03, 2008

She's a powerful speaker, but so smug and sarcastic. Is that really what the RNC is all about?

The booing from the delegates (Hello? Are you in middle school?), the chanting of "Zero! Zero! Zero!" from the delegates-- again, is that really what the RNC wants to be all about? As Sizzle said this morning, "The mocking. The laughter. The belittling". It was painful to watch.

Tell me why you're the best candidate, tell me how you can make my life better, tell me all the great things about your party and your platform.

Stop with the put-downs and the smart ass comments.

Before the speech last night, I was still undecided. But not anymore.

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Sizzle said...

I was hoping her speech (or McCain's) would help people decide one way or the other. While I've never been undecided in this race, I can understand why people are and their hesitation. We have, as a country, lost faith in our own government. I generally vote Democratic but there is usually that nagging feeling behind my vote saying, "Don't fuck this up!" to whomever I am voting for.