Monday, October 06, 2008

Brrr. It's kind of cold in the house right now.

Seems like for so long now my life just goes along, nothing that big or important happens. Then today two things at once. A teacher from another school (I don't know her, but I do know the secretary and she gave the gal my name) called me today (left a message) and asked if I might be interested in a long-term substituting job from mid-Nov to mid-Feb. I'm glad it was a message and not me answering the phone, because I was completely surprised. I actually considered it briefly, but after talking to a friend that's a principal near that area and then giving it about ten seconds of consideration, I've decide I'm not interested. The money would be great but there are too many red flags for me to be comfortable. I don't know any of the teachers, they've had some strange administrator things going on in the last few years, and it's just way too early in retirement to take it on.

Big deal # 2-- I've accepted an invitation to be put on the ballot as vice-president (leading to president-elect then president) for a state literacy association--which is a HUGE deal. This association puts on a big (and I mean B-I-G) conference every February and that would be my responsibility for the 2011 conference. I would be attending a national literacy conference every year for the next four years--all expenses paid. It took me a few days to decide to say yes (because it's going to be a l-o-t of work) but I guess I thought it would be a good way to step out of my comfort zone. Actually, "step" probably isn't the right word. "Take a big freaking bungee jump" would be more appropriate.

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Laurie said...

Big deal #2 seems big, BIG. Like, huge. And COOL. But stressful.