Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unbelievably disappointing.

Yesterday I was part of an open house kind of event with some other CM consultants. It was a time our friends and customers could come and see what we do, look at products, get ideas, etc.... I sent out so, so many invitations and reminders. It was in town, near a lot of shopping, not something that would be challenging to get to. I had two people stop by. TWO people. Why is it people find it so hard to show support for someone's interests? I'm sure many people don't see it that way, but to me, that's what it felt like.

On Friday I was at my old school picking up something and was asked if I went to the memorial service for xxxx who used to teach there and recently passed away. I knew about this event because I was the one who heard about her passing, and sent the school the information so everyone would know. I emailed retired people that knew her, so they would know. So in the very next breath, this person in the office said, "Oh, did anyone tell you about Mr. xxx? He passed away about a month ago. I guess maybe we should have let you know". Um, yes, that would have been nice. I knew this man well, he was a custodian at the school forever and I would have liked to have gone to his service. I looked at her and said, 'How would I know if no one around here tells me these things?" Honestly, was there not ONE single person in that school that had the thought, "I'll bet Cindi would like this information". I guess when you're out of sight, you're out of mind.

Sometimes I feel like I am everyone's pal, but it doesn't seem to work both ways for most.

And Laurie--thanks for helping yesterday.