Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm subbing in a library tomorrow so tonight will be an early to bed night, for sure. I'm glad it's only a half day gig.

I am really kicking myself for not making arrangements a long time ago to spend the last few days visiting my friend that lives in the DC area. While I don't know that we would have gotten anywhere close to the big events, I would have liked to have just been there. I would imagine the energy level is unbelievable for miles around.

Last night some high school friends met for dinner at a local Italian restaurant. This place has been there forever, and is moving to a new location a few miles away, so we got together and had a last supper, so to speak. Our high school band director and his wife joined us-- we ask them to join us pretty much whenever we get together. We had a great time-- but the service was lousy.

Time to go make a hot cup of tea. Even though it's been pretty warm (and tomorrow is supposed to be over 70 degrees) the nights are still pretty cold.

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danelle said...

We have a cup of tea every night right after Emma goes to bed. It's a nice ritual and gets me in the mood for sleep, since I have to go to bed so early now.