Thursday, February 12, 2009

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I just made these cookies--they aren't cooled yet but they look and smell divine. They are so easy to make. I have to admit, mine don't look just like this.

I'm going to deliver them (well, almost all of them!) to MM-- a fellow CM consultant that doesn't bake and could use a nice treat for her family. MM had a brain tumor removed in July and while she's doing great, every day has its challenges. Recently I read this book and it gave me a lot of insight about what she and her family might be going through. One thing that really stayed with me was that the author had a list of things 40 things she needed most, and one of them was for people to realize she was not the same person they knew before. The author was now a different person, and behaved like a different person, reacted to things differently. I think this is one challenge that MM faces daily--especially with her kids. She will never be the same mom they knew before. That's not necessarily a negative thing, but I'm sure it's a challenge for everyone.

It took the author a full eight years to heal completely. MM has only had 6 months, and I know she's anxious to be completely better.

So--cookies can be medicinal, right??

Update on the cookies-- I think I let them cook too long, they are way too dry. I think I'll also add some oatmeal next time, and maybe something to give them a little more more punch (dried cranberries, maybe?). They aren't bad, just kind of plain.


Joan said...

I just thought I'd stop by and visit another retired librarian. Trust me...retirement does grow on you.

And what a nice gesture to bake some cookies for a family facing challenges. I'm sure they will appreciate and enjoy them.

Laurie said...

Wow. That book looks like a must-read. I was glad to see the reaction from the nurse, and from the other stroke patient.