Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's not unusual to get snow here in Colorado. Most of us know how to drive in it, we aren't surprised when we get it. Until now.

We've had such a mild winter--so many days of 65-70 degree temps, hardly any moisture at all. People in capris and shorts and flip flops on a regular basis. And then last night started the warnings of a big snowstorm coming. And here it is. School districts are closed. Tons of snow. Lots of wind.

The thing is, it's like no one around here has ever experienced it before! I'm kind of hoping it will be another snow day tomorrow--I'm supposed to sub all day. I'm looking forward to it, but I wouldn't mind if it was canceled! I'm making soup, and trying to stay warm without using much help from the furnace. I have a couple of books, lots of movies, and am okay to be settled in.

Unlike the poor little birdies and squirrels that keep visiting my neighbor's patio to try and find some food.

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Hey, that's a Northern Flicker. I thought it might be a pheasant at first. I love Flickers.