Monday, June 15, 2009

New book over there----> I didn't finish the one about the Supreme Court justices-- I really tried, but just couldn't. Too political for me.

Each morning about 4:30 a.m. my cat starts to try to get me to get up and feed her. I try to hold out til around 5:30, but she's very persistent. This morning her persistence took several forms: tearing to shreds (with her teeth) a gift bag sitting on the floor, and going downstairs to find one of her favorite toys then coming back up on the bed and bouncing all over the bed playing with the toy.

I did get up and feed her around 4:45 today, and was hoping she would conk out after that. Riiiight. At 6:30 I just decided to get up. On Saturday it was the same scenario and I didn't get up, and went back to sleep using a weighted eye pillow and didn't wake up til 11:00. I hate doing that, so today just got up. I'd been awake reading until a little after 1 a.m. so wasn't thrilled about five hours of sleep, but figure there's always time for a nap if needed.

I have to admit it was nice being up at the beginning of the day. And I was rewarded with a chance to take some really great shots of the NOW sleeping kitty. Click on that photo-- you'll be glad you did.

And now it's an hour later and she's wide awake and bugging me again.


Jenn said...

She's so cute. One thing I love about Katie is how much she loves to sleep. Unless she really needs to go to the bathroom, which is very rare, she always lets me sleep as late as I want (which is really around 7:30 at the latest) and never wakes me up.

Jenn said...

Oops, forgot to finish my comment.

I finished reading Three Cups of Tea a while ago and thought it was very good. Hope you enjoy it, too.

katie said...

Sometimes waking up at that time is nice, I agree...even if you don't have anything going on. By the way, your kitty rocks.

Laurie said...

When my book club read that book, I think I rated it a 4 (talk of the town,) but then took the liberty of rating the author as well. He got a 5 (masterpiece).