Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I've had to enable captcha commenting because I keep getting spam comments in Chinese or some such language. I don't read those languages, so I'm tired of rejecting them on my comment moderator. Sorry to make you go an extra step to comment-- it sucks to be you.

Got back very late last night from the general area of the country where Chicago is located. I actually got INTO the big city twice while I was there-- riding the L both times because we were so far out from the city we were the last stop before the airport on the train, so that was the only way to get into the city without paying $50 for a cab ride. Which we did do once so we wouldn't be late to see Jersey Boys. but we were almost late anyway. Seriously, rush hour traffic on a Sunday?

I took a lot of great architecture photos-- this is probably my favorite.

More later.


danelle said...

Looks like you had a good time! (facebook pics)

CP said...

However, if we don't comment, then it sucks to be you. Like the picture. And maybe you should learn Chinese and then you could read those comments.

cb said...

And maybe you should be nicer to me. Maybe.

CP said...

You really think that will happen?