Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I know I need to get another cat. Of course I can't be certain, but I'm guessing another kitty would help the crazy one I have now be more friendly. Hopefully. Please let it be true. I just have such a hard time deciding on a cat. I just want them all.

Every time I go to Pet Smarty to get cat food I stop and look at the kitties up for adoption. There are little kitties (oh so cute) and there are adult cats. Today I saw a cat that was 10 years old. I so so wanted it. But I think I need a little kitty. One that Crazy Cat can be lord and master over, or at least pretend to be.

Even though the last few times I've been at the store I've always seen one (or more) I would take, I have left empty-handed. There are usually three little kitties to a cage, and the thought of separating them makes me teary. Even though I know they are going to be separated eventually, I can't make it be me that does it. Today there was one that mewed and mewed at me til I went over and talked to it. I almost brought it home, but it looked just like the one I have now and I'd really like a different-looking one, I guess. I know my friend Heidi still has the one I was considering taking, but it's a longhair and I'm not sure I want a longhair. But I feel like I should take it to help her out--even though I know she wouldn't care if I didn't.

It would be so much easier if a little kitty just walked up to my door and had a sign that said "Take me!". Choosing and leaving some behind is too hard for me.


Nell said...

I will go with you and look at some this weekend if you want. I'm about ready to put this new one I have on your stoop. He's nuts.

CP said...

Get the little white one in the picture, I like that one. I do have a say don't I?

cb said...

Since that white kitty in the picture is a google image, it would be a little challenging to adopt it.

CP said...

By the way I just reread the bottom of this post and once before a kitty walked up to your door and made itself at home but you booted it out, remember.