Sunday, April 11, 2010

I DVR The View every day. Last night when I sat down to watch Friday's show I was thrilled to see that Pioneer Woman was a guest! She made all kinds of yummy things to talk about-- most of which I'd already seen on her blog at one time or another. I was hoping for the best ever chocolate sheet cake that I made last Sunday for Easter, but it wasn't there.

I do tape this show every day, but sometimes (more and more, it seems) I fast forward through some of the hot topics because I can't stand how they all talk over each other, and the segment with PW was typical. Everyone talking at once, couldn't really follow any one thread... annoying. But what was really annoying? Having her segment be the very last one, and only about 5 mins long.

And really, Whoopi? What are those dress-like things that aren't dresses you are wearing lately? Not flattering at all.

SNL last night-- watched a little before I couldn't keep my eyes open. Watched a little this morning (I heart DVR) before I left the house. I'm not a big Justin Bieber fan but the skit with TF as a teacher and JB as a student--SO SO funny. He was hilarious-- I love when the musical guests are in the skits, too.

Went to a stamping/papercraft class today--made the cutest container to hold cards. Would like to make more, but the container isn't to be found anywhere! I'm pretty good with finding impossible stuff online, so I'm not too worried. I'd much rather find it on the first or second try, however.

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Nell said...

I tape "Ellen" everyday - surprised you don't watch it, it's bust a gut funny. I forgot to tape SNL last night - blah!