Monday, May 24, 2010

Lately the weather has been decidedly spring-like. Beautiful deep blue skies, some puffy clouds, nice temperatures. Today was more of the same but some wind has been blowing through pretty much all day.

I do love spring. When I was teaching it always signaled the end of the seemingly long school year, the beginning of the count down for summer break, and the weather was usually pretty nice without being too hot. Now that I'm not teaching I still love spring but don't have those same look forward to feelings. Each week is a lot like break, some weeks are busy, some are more open. But I don't have that "looking forward to break" feeling, and I kind of miss it!

My neighbors (we share a kitchen wall between our town homes) are Russian or Ukrainian or something. Nice people, but they entertain a lot, especially in the summer (usually on Sunday nights... late into the night) and they cook something that smells like cabbage, and pretty regularly. Today is one of those smelly cooking days. Bleh.

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