Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few fun photos from the CCIRA conference. Steve Spangler was a big hit-- he's such a crazy guy.

Today was cold and a little rainy late in the day. For April, it was a little chilly. I'd like to say I have a nice pot of soup bubbling on the stove, but that would be wishful thinking. Maybe tomorrow. I have a great recipe for chicken tortilla soup that I'd like to try. I've had it at someone else's house and loved it, so hopefully it will turn out the same.

I don't cook very often anyore--mostly because that would entail cleaning off the stove and the counter top, which have become storage spaces.Too much stuff, not even places to put it. The story of my life.

Funny Laurie did me a favor and agreed to present a couple of sessions at the conference. A life saver. And this is such a great photo of her.

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