Sunday, December 21, 2014

I guess like so many others, I seem to have abandoned this blog for Facebook. I think when blogging was at its most interesting, the majority of us used it to document our daily lives in small snippets of thought. Now we do that on Facebook.

I still go back and check some favorite blogs every now and then, but they don't hold my interest like they used to. I notice that some are waiting a little longer between posts, where at one time they might post a couple of times a day. I get that now.

My last post was over a year ago, and so much has happened since then. Both my mom and my sister have left us, less than two months apart. I cleaned out, sold, and then bought back my mom's house. Both my nieces had first babies.My nephew got his first real job and held it for almost a year now. It's definitely been... a year.

Right now it's the week of Christmas. No snow predicted (hopeful, but doubtful), but a chilly week ahead. Busy schedules, gifts to wrap, food to prepare.

I probably shouldn't say I'm back, but hopeful.

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